Eco-friendly Carrier Bag for Normal

19th March 2018|Customer Cases|

Normal sells everyday products at low prices. In addition to its standard assortment, Normal puts an emphasis on providing a good shopping experience by providing new and exciting products, such as candy and scented creams.

Normal opened its first store in 2013, and today there are 80 stores spread across Denmark. In addition, the chain has also been established in the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Carrier bag for Normal

Carrier Bag Consisting of 80% Recycled Plastics

Normal puts an emphasis on quick delivery, when it was time to choose a packaging supplier for the chain. As a growing company, there’s a need for a speedy delivery on carrier bags in high quality.

Scanlux Packaging and Normal initiated a collaboration and the solution was found. The solution was a plastic carrier bag consisting of 80% recycled plastic, which fulfilled all the needs in functionality and size. In addition, the choice on recycled plastic were made due to the great importance of sustainability to the brand.

80% Recycled Plastics_carrier bag_Normal

Good Dialogue Makes for Great Cooperation

Normal and Scanlux Packaging had a good dialogue and cooperation during the whole process. Flexibility is an important factor for Normal. It’s a company enjoying growth and therefore it’s in need of a flexible packaging supplier with quick delivery.

Likewise, this flexibility is equally important in the production of new packaging when Normal expands to other markets. Scanlux Packaging has tailored a solution to these specific requirements. A solution that can be adjusted along with Normal’s expansion into new markets.

Man_I'm unique_plastic bag_Normal