Design wrapping paper for your business

5th October 2020|Retail Experience|

Choose a design for your wrapping paper and select the colours yourself

A well-thought-out packaging design gives your customers an even better experience when they shop at your company, and you can now design wrapping paper that suits your company quickly and easily. To simplify the process for you, we have selected a number of wrapping paper designs that you can use. All you have to do is adjust the colours so that the end result suits the purpose you will be using the gift wrap for.

By selecting colours that are already included in your colour palette, you can create knowledge of your brand. This will appeal to your customer’s taste and lifestyle, and your loyal customers will recognise you from the colour choice alone. Whether you are running a campaign or want to treat your customers to wrapping paper in seasonal colours, you can design your wrapping paper so that it perfectly suits the purpose.

You select the colours

Once you have chosen which pattern you would like, you can start playing with different colours. The selection is huge, as you can choose from any of the colours in Pantone’s colour palette (Pantone colours are colour swatches that are used for printing).

Inspiration that gets you thinking

Let your creative juices flow and play around with colours to find just the right look for your brand – here are just a few examples. We hope they will inspire you to explore further…

Choose your design