Complete Packaging Solution for VÆRSGO

19th March 2018|Customer Cases|

VÆRSGO With a Strong Local Focus

VÆRSGO is a Danish chain that aims to combine lifestyle and design in the kitchen and interior design. It has a strong local focus, which gives the individual store manager great leeway in relation to the products sold in the store and marketing. Each store is therefore unique as the product-range is adapted to the local area where the store is located.

The products found at VÆRSGO come from strong and well-known brands, but the range of products also feature surprises and exciting seasonal findings.

Today, the chain has established 24 stores and a webshop. Common to all the shops is the combination of the hardware retailer and delicious designer shop, with a tempting gift shop.

Waterbottle for VÆRSGO

Wide Range of Quality Packaging Is Important

As a new market player, VÆRSGO needed a wide range of packaging such as plastic bags, gift ribbons, and gift papers. VÆRSGO started a dialogue with Scanlux Packaging, in which they looked at different samples of bags, colours, and sizes.

The quality of the packaging is important for VÆRSGO. Several interior and cooking products can be heavy, and therefore the quality and tensile strength of, for example, gift paper, is important for VÆRSGO.

Scanlux Packaging presented them with different design ideas, after which VÆRSGO chose the final design, which was ready for their opening date back in November 2017.

Packaging for VÆRSGO

Warehousing and Design

VÆRSGO is a chain without a central warehouse. Keeping with the local focus, the local store has the responsibility for its own packaging. It is important for VÆRSGO that the head office is not responsible for the packaging needs of each store. The warehousing is be outsourced and Scanlux Packaging is now responsible for VÆRSGOS packaging stores.

This means that all VÆRSGO stores have a personal login to Scanlux Packaging’s webshop. Here, the individual store can, according to their needs, order plastic bags of different sizes, gift papers and other packaging solutions.

Ribbon for VÆRSGO