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Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags


Plastic bags for your store

We are one of largest wholesalers of plastic bags for retail stores in Scandinavia. Our wide range of plastic bags covers different shapes, colours, sizes, and with different qualities.

Logo print


Plastic bags with graphics

Plastic bags with graphics are an opportunity to promote your business and products to the many people whom your customers pass on the streets as they walk around with your plastic bags. We have the knowledge and experience to create a design that best brands your business and your products. Contact us and talk about your needs and options, or get a non-obligating offer here.

Choosing the right plastic bag

You can see our regular inventory of plastic bags here. The plastic bags are manufactured in a solid and durable quality. We know that quality is not only important for as to how your customers perceive your business and products, but also the importance of how durable they are in connection with carrying your products. Many of our bags are available in different sizes and thicknesses, which means you can easily find a plastic bag that meets your specific needs.

The environmental tax is included in the price. If you need help choosing the right kind of plastic bag, or if the plastic bags in our regular range do not meet your needs, feel free to contact us. Our team of consultants can help you find the right plastic bag for your business. We can also customise bags for your business – even in small quantities. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fortified handles

With the fortified handle, you’ll get a durable platic bag that’ll be able to handle heavy loads day after day. We can make bags in many different qualities, in any colour and graphics, depending on what expression you desire. Your customers will be able to reuse the bag, adding to your brand visibility.

Loop handle plastic bags

A plastic bag with loop handles stands out from the crowd by using simple means. It can be made with a print of photography printed on, metal, and multiple layers of foil which will enhance your company’s visibility, thereby strengthen your brand. We have the ability to add foil wherever you desire.

Header bags

Header bags are both economical and practical. They are mounted as a block, which makes it easy for the cashier or customer to rip of. The header bags can be made with different qualities, and with custom graphics.