Bioplastic Bags

Bioplastic Bags


Bioplastic bags for a cleaner environment

Biobags produced from bioplastics are the natural alternative to traditional plastic bags made from fossil fuels. Several of our customers choose biobags, due to their greener profile without compromising on the unique properties of traditional fossil bags. By choosing bags made from bioplastics, you will get bags and packaging with a reduced carbon footprint.

We produce biobags that meet the strict requirements for certification. In other words, we ensure the quality of the bags are to your liking.

Which biobag to choose?

Bioplastics are plastics made from plant material, rather than traditional plastic bags made from fossil fuels. In other words, bioplastics come from a green source. These bags are in all instances less damaging to the environment.

We have two types of biobag:

  • Green and recyclable – which we call a bio-recyclable bag.
  • Green and compostable – called a bio-compostable bag.

Of the two types of bag we produce, you should consider whether you want bags that can be re-cycled into new bags, or whether you want compostable bags.

For example, the bio-recyclable bag is made of sugar cane. It is not compostable, but can be included in the existing recycling procedures and melted into soft plastic.

The bio-compostable bag is primarily made from degradable and compostable starch which, for example, is made from thistles, corn or sunflowers.  This type is not included in the existing recycling procedures, as the material is compostable and therefore degradable.

Biobags benefits

Table: Properties of biobags manufactured from bioplastic.

We supply both types of bioplastic bags, with certification, which serves as your assurance of quality.