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13th November 2018|Staff|

Marie is a member of our customer service team at Scanlux Packaging.

Customers can place orders online in our webshop, but we also take phone calls from people who prefer to use the phone to place an order from our catalog. Besides phone orders, our customer service also assists customers with online orders, online payment, or delivery follow-up.


“Most new customers want us to ship samples, to check the quality or color. So we often arrange sample delivery. This usually only takes two days in Denmark, and three to five days outside Denmark. We always get pretty positive feedback and we soon receive the first order.” Maria says it is exciting to work with new customers because each case is different.


Besides new customers, we also have many long-term regular customers who have been ordering wrapping paper or shopping bags from Scanlux for decades. For these regular customers, which are typically big retail chains, we also offer a storage service, which means that we ship the shopping bags or boxes directly from our warehouse to every store across Europe.


Especially in the retail business, it is not unusual for marketing plans or business plans to change drastically, due to market demands. So if a new store is opening with a short lead time, we are ready to support our customers in a flexible way. “When we receive calls for urgent re-orders, for example, we contact our logistics manager, to change the shipment from ocean freight to air freight. Otherwise, our operations team can look for an alternative solution together with our production team.” Our customer service team works closely with all departments, such as the sales team, design team, supply chain operation team and logistics & warehouse team, in our day-to-day activities.


“I’ve been working for Scanlux Packaging‘s customer service department for over 16 years. We’re here to answer all kinds of questions and we try to solve the problems as quickly as possible. I love my job because we have such great teamwork in our company, so I can always cater to our customers’ needs. It has also been an exciting journey for me, since I have seen how the company has grown during the last 16 years.“


Marie recalls how she started at Scanlux Packaging 16 years ago. She was a business school student at the time and was looking for a company where she could work as a trainee as a part of her study program. It was actually her mother who found the job opening in the newspaper. That was how she started in customer service, with two colleagues at that time. Now she is an experienced and dedicated customer service staff member and has also had two children during the 16 years of her career at Scanlux Packaging.


Our customer service is open from Monday to Friday during our business hours. Friendly and efficient customer service staff are happy to receive your phone calls!

Opening Hours

Monday–Thursday:     8:00-16:00

Friday:                           8:00-15:30

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