Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy


We respect the environment

Our main service is designing and delivering packaging to retail companies and for industrial use. Naturally, the production, transportation and disposal of packaging products has a certain environmental impact. Scanlux continuously, actively and systematically attempts to minimise that impact where it’s economically and technically feasible.

Environmental action plan:

• Minimise the emission of greenhouse gases in connection with transportation.
• Recommend more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to our customers.
• Choose environmentally conscious suppliers and business partners.

We will:

• Make sure our staff knows and understands our environmental policy and acts accordingly.
• Make sure our staff is familiar with our environmental action plan and take an active part in its implementation, where relevant.
• Outline the environmental impact of the process, develop action plans and renew them on an annual basis.
• Obey and comply with binding obligations including existing laws and regulations.

Jan Kornelius, March 2018