FSC® and ISO 14001 Certifications

FSC® and ISO 14001


For both your, and the environment’s sake.

At Scanlux Packaging we take the environment into consideration in a range of areas and consider it an integrated part of everything we do. Therefore, we always have a solution that benefits both you and the environment. We have replaced all electronic equipment with efficient, energy-saving machines and fully optimised our product flow. And we have invested in new, eco-friendly cars and drawn up a plan for our handling of raw materials, paper and waste. We take responsibility for the environment – and so do you, if you choose an eco-friendly solution.

Sustainable catalogue 

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Help us make a difference

The environment and sustainability is important to a lot of our customers. That’s why they choose to have their packaging and products made of FSC®-certified paper and their products printed with water colours. When you do business with us, you’ll help us make a difference for the environment. All FSC® product groups are available in: FSC 100%, FSC Mix and FSC Recycled: Paper bags, gift boxes, gift papers, silk paper, corrugated cardboard, receipt rolls and paper cups. Hangers are only available in FSC 100%.