Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct


For suppliers to Scanlux Packaging

The Scanlux Code of Conduct describes our ethical guidelines. It is of great importance to us – through our contracts and our communication – to ensure that the conditions at our suppliers meet our standards and guidelines – knowing full well that legislation and differences in cultures all over the world mean different conditions. We emphasize to all our partners and suppliers the importance of the production is being carried out by people who are treated with respect and work under good conditions. Accept and compliance of our Code of Conduct is an integrated part of the business agreements that Scanlux enters into. It is ensured through contracts, thorough information, continuous reporting and control. Here you can read the total Code of Conduct.


Scanlux requires our suppliers to use the present Code of Conduct in cooperation with their own suppliers, and to ensure their compliance. Suppliers have full responsibility for ensuring that subcontractors comply with Scanlux Code of Conduct. All suppliers shall always keep Scanlux informed as to where each order is being produced.

Monitoring and evaluation

Scanlux will monitor relevant suppliers and their facilities to ensure compliance with Scanlux Code of Conduct. Suppliers will maintain on site all documentation that may be needed to demonstrate compliance with Scanlux Code of Conduct. The suppliers authorise Scanlux itself or through third parties to carry out inspections, which guarantee the observance of this Code, providing these super-visors with access to the necessary data and documentation and means to ensure this process: We require all suppliers to provide Scanlux with:

  • Full access concerning where each order is being produced.
  • Full access for on-site inspection, including unannounced visits, by Scanlux and/or assigned representatives.
  • Access to records, which will enable us to determine compliance with the Scanlux Code of Conduct.
  • Access to employees for confidential interviews during monitoring visits.

The result of the monitoring will be documented in a monitoring report. Scanlux will enter into a constructive dialogue with the supplier to improve the overall working environment for the employees. Scanlux will request adequate action plans to correct monitoring findings. If improvements do not progress in a manner acceptable Scanlux, we will terminate the supplier relationship.