A Complete Logistics Solution for Kremmerhuset

24th August 2018|Customer Cases|

Who is Kremmerhuset?

The Norwegian ice cream chain Kremmerhuset has established 67 stores in Norway since the opening of their first store in Trondheim in 1979. The chain has an exciting history. It was established by married couple Eli and Jens Hoff, who sold their own unused wedding presents in wicker baskets and enamel. Since then, the style of the products has changed to something that can fit into any home’s style. Kremmerhuset receives new exciting and inspiring items for their stores every week. The chain wishes to beautify the customers’ homes, having a wide range of goods to ensure that there is something for everyone and at both ends of the price range.

A collaboration takes shape

Kremmerhuset and Scanlux Packaging have had an evolving cooperation throughout the years. In the beginning, Scanlux Packaging only provided packaging to Kremmerhuset’s own warehouse in Trondheim. This has changed however, with Kremmerhuset outsourcing the task, and today Scanlux Packaging handles both the Kremmerhuset’s packaging, and its logistics.

This ensures that Kremmerhuset can better focus on what it is best at, namely the sale of beautiful accessories to the home. Scanlux Packaging addresses the challenge by keeping track of the storage situation, so packaging is always in store for stores. The Kremmerhus range at Scanlux is so extensive that the shops need to only relate to a single supplier when ordering packaging and other supplies in the stores.

The close dialogue is important

The collaboration between Kremmerhuset and Scanlux Packaging works with close dialogue and mutual benefit. Both parties benefit from each other and focus on what they are best at.