7 Tips to boost your sales

30th October 2018|Trends|

The year’s busiest season!

Soon it will be the busiest and most profitable time of the year in the retail industry.
At this time of the year customers are looking for gifts to buy – you just need to make sure they buy from you!
When your customers are queuing at the counter and you are swamped with the daily tasks, then you might overlook the most important thing to secure your sales.
Here’s some tips to get ready for the busiest season.

To Do List:

1. Check your boutique from outside – Dose your boutique look appealing?

Window display is always the key. Decorate your window with your best selling products.
The Window display is the first thing that customers will notice. Catchy best selling products will be able to bring the customers into your boutique. Don’t forget to check the lights in the store. Your products should have a nice spot light from the ceiling so they all look appealing as “gift items”.

2. Does your boutique look clean?

Check both shelves and floors. There might be some old sticky chewing gum or candy on the floor that you might have forgotten to clean up long time ago.
Clean the window, door and doorknob with cloth.

3. It is important to clean the floor in the winter season,  especially when it rains or snows.

4. Check if all of the items have price tags.

5. Plan stunning sales promotion for November and December..

Do you have enough inventory? Did you check local events and calendar the you should plan co-promote to increase your sales?

6. Create a unique sales promotion in your boutique to boost your sales. Provide a pleasant shopping experience for your customer.

7. Make your boutique look festive

Customers love to feel Christmas spirit in the store. Turn your customers into repeat buyers by providing the best shopping experience ever in the holiday season.