Promotion candy and private label mineral water

Our goal is to create eye-catching packaging for your products. But you can improve the overall experience by offering your customers a piece of promotion candy for the road – or by leaving some sweets with your logo at the sales meeting. There are numerous possibilities – from chocolate, chewing gum and pastilles to nuts and bars.

Logo print

Make your customers thirst for you


Design your promotion candy

Bottled water with logo

Bottled water can be used not just for sales, but also as an excellent reminder of your company. At Scanlux Packaging we sell mineral water with your own, custom-made logo. All your customers and partners can take a unique piece of your brand with them when they’re on the go. The print can be simple, like your company logo, but it can also be a great opportunity to get a message out. Printed water bottles can also be a good companion to have with you at e.g. conferences, events, sporting events and other contexts where you would like to build up awareness of your brand.