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We have a wide variety of office supplies. We offer pencils, labels, pens, and markers in many different colours and sizes. Our range of office supplies includes the classic post-it for ideas and reminders, lined and squared paper, as well as plastic sheets and for easy protection. The plastic sheets have holes in the side, for easy archiving in binders. Envelopes with and without pane are an integral part of our range, and you can cut costs by a large purchase of 500 envelopes. We also offer a number of different leaflet holders that are ready to be put on the table without assembly. The brackets are perfect for brochures as well as eye catching, which is perfect for advertisements. The inserted paper is quite easy to replace.

Wardrobe accessories

Get into your customers’ wardrobe

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Anything is possible

Logo print

Suitable for membership cards and business


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Anything is possible with our printer.

We offer statement cards, tags, gift vouchers and cards, signs, envelopes, posters, displays and much more. Only the imagination is the limit to what we can feed our printing machine.

Mineral water

Make your customers thirst for your products

Promotion candy

Use a little bait


Your brand in your brandlab

Printed labels

Anything is possible

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