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Packing paper is a type of thick, coarse tissue paper useful for wrapping and protecting the items your customers have purchased. The paper can be used, for example, to fill cardboard boxes when shipping goods from your webshop, or for wrapping wine bottles and other fragile products in order to keep them well protected.

Tissue paper and packing paper are also often used for house moving, as it’s important to ensure that household items are properly and securely packed in order to avoid damage and scratches during transport. Packing paper is suitable for wrapping glass and porcelain, to name two examples.

Our packing paper is available in several sizes. Their dimensions are 42 x 60 cm and 38 x 46 cm, and they are are suitable for most standard product sizes. Packing paper comes in plain white and in packs of 1,000 sheets. The economical package sizes mean that your purchase will go a long way before a new order is necessary.