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Cardboard Boxes

Envelopes & Paper Tubes

Shipping Accessories

We carry a wide range of shipment packaging products and accessories for companies that ship and transport products, whether from physical shops or web-based ones. Our range includes postal bags as well as cardboard and parcel boxes in many different sizes.

The use of cardboard for shipping is an inexpensive and efficient way to keep goods safe during transport. We have cardboard boxes in many sizes, so you can find just the one to meet your requirements. If you need to ship small, lightweight products, we carry bubble envelopes and shipping bags – a sure-fire choice to protect your goods.

If you wish to ship wine bottles, we have cardboard boxes that can house up to six bottles at a time, whilst also ensuring that the bottles are protected during transport.

In addition, we have filling material, tape, and tools to cater to your shipping needs. Our range includes cardboard tubes, polystyrene foam filling, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, bubble envelopes, hand stretch film and packing tape. Our webshop has all of the products necessary to ensure that you can prepare and ship your products successfully and efficiently. Shipment packaging and accessories are always in stock in our warehouse, so order today and have your goods shipped on the next working day.