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We carry luxury gift bags at attractive prices. Gift bags in this category are the obvious choice for shops that sell upmarket products and want to go the extra mile when it comes to spoiling their customers with beautifully-wrapped gifts. Our luxury gift bags are available in a variety of materials, patterns and colours.

These detailed gift bags give your customers a feeling of exclusivity when unwrapping your products. This is especially evident in our Christmas gift bags, which feature expressive patterns to get your customers into the Christmas spirit. Our exclusive bags are available in black, white, red and other plain colours. Common to all of the gift bags is the varnish that gives them their polished finish. We also have brown gift bags made of raw, natural materials which provide a more natural, minimalistic and timeless look.

Our exclusive silk and grosgrain ribbon is included with some of the bags, while others have a self-adhesive closure and a hole for ribbon insertion. This allows you to personalise your gift bags with a specific colour to suit your shop’s image.

Buy luxury gift bags wholesale at our webshop today, and we’ll make sure to have your order dispatched by the following business day.