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Transparent cellophane bags are convenient and easy to use. They are particularly well-suited as jewellery bags, sweet bags and gift bags for weddings, birthdays and confirmations. In fact, the only limit to what these bags can be used for is your imagination. Choose cellophane bags when you want to create a simplistic, elegant and timeless look.

We have transparent cellophane bags in several different sizes and two different variants; either with or without a square base. The bags with square bases are available in sizes between 8 x 5 x 27.5 cm and 14 x 19 x 36 cm, while those without are available in sizes between 10 x 20 cm and 40 x 50 cm.

In this category, you will also find bags that are especially suited for ensuring product integrity, such as beauty products that have to remain sealed in case of possible return. These flat cellophane bags have adhesive closures.

You can add a personal touch to your gift packaging by adding a ribbon. Minimum orders vary, but can go all the way down to 250 pcs depending on which type of cellophane bag you wish to buy. This allows you to buy the quantity that best suits your needs.

Buy the bags wholesale at our webshop today, and we’ll make sure to have them dispatched to you by the following business day.