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Buy till rolls and receipt rolls for cash registers or credit card terminals at wholesale prices. Paper quality is of utmost importance when it comes to till and receipt rolls. Our rolls are made of thermal paper, which ensures that the print remains on the receipt for a long time. We have rolls that are resistant to wear, often used for important receipts and guarantee certificates that may need to be readable for several years.

Our credit card rolls have the dimensions 57 x 46 x 12mm, are 25 metres long and can be used with newer, and often with mobile credit card terminals. The credit card roll is one of the longer rolls on the market, which means that it doesn’t need to be changed as often and is therefore an economical choice.

Most stores issue many receipts every day. It is therefore natural to be aware of the costs associated with the expenditure on paper. On our webshop, you will find a large selection of paper rolls that combine high quality with highly affordable prices. As different sizes are available, you should check to make sure that the roll is compatible with your terminal.