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In this category, you will find a large selection of office and retail items in wholesale quantities for shops and businesses. Our warehouse houses office supplies, bin bags, corrugated cardboard, gift cards, till rolls, wardrobe items, labeling items, stands and wall brackets for storing gift wrap.

We have office supplies to satisfy your company’s every need, ranging from laser toner cartridges to marker pens. In addition to our office supplies, we have a number of store items that are useful for any business. Our stock goods are shipped out every weekday.

Our bin bags ensure quick and efficient disposal of your store’s rubbish. We also have till rolls made of durable thermal paper for standard cash dispensers and cash registers. The quality of the rolls ensures that the font is legible for a long time, which makes them particularly suitable for guarantee receipts, which are typically stored for several years.

The clothing hangers in the wardrobe item category are available in several variants. We carry the classic, minimalistic light wood hangers, but also black hangers with rubber grooves for maximum grip. Our black hangers are available with or without a trouser bar.

Make labeling easy and convenient for your store’s employees with our sale labels, which are available in both neutral and more eye-catching colours. We naturally also have stands and wall brackets for wrapping paper, which will make all of the work with wrapping paper quicker and easier.