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Sell gift packaging at your webshop

Help your customers find easy gift packaging at your webshop

When we nicely wrap a gift and send it in the post, the end result is rarely a good one. The wrapping paper gets crumpled and the perfect, cheerful bows end up squashed flat. Instead of offering your customers the option of having their item wrapped when shopping at your webshop, you can now offer them the option of buying their own gift packaging, which is then sent along with their items. The customer can then wrap the gift themselves when they receive the item and gift wrap, and even in a design they have chosen themselves. You can choose packaging for your webshop from our existing range that reflects your own brand either through choice of colours or patterns. Or, you can choose to have your own packaging designed in collaboration with our packaging specialists, in order to brand your webshop just as clearly as in your physical stores.

Benefits for you and your customers:

Store Customer
  • Opportunity for additional sales
  • Save time! Avoid gift packaging
  • Create the exact range you want
  • Extra service
  • Reassurance in being able to see the item before it is wrapped
  • The gift looks nice when it is given to the recipient

Gift bags and gift boxes are ideal for quick and easy packaging

Gift bags and boxes are an easy way to provide your customers with beautiful gift packaging. You can put together a selection of gift bags and gift boxes in different sizes and designs for resale at your webshop. Our packaging comes in different materials and types.

Option 1: Choose packaging from our webshop and receive the items quickly

It is possible to combine gift boxesgift ribbons and gift wrap for your gift packaging. This allows you to achieve effective and surprising results, as your gift wrapping can be adapted to suit the individual product. You can therefore make your wrapped product look like a million dollars, for a very small price. Choose between many different paper and cardboard types, ribbon materials, and paper designs at our webshop. See, for example: They can all be folded up and shipped along with your items. Below, you can see some examples of stock items we can dispatch every weekday:

Option 2: Choose your own design and create completely unique gift packaging

Select quantity, size and type of packaging, for example:
  • Matte paper
  • Gloss paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Gift bags with ribbon holes
  • Gift bags with self-adhesive closures

What to do next

Fill out the contact form below, and in collaboration with your contact person, you will assemble your very own range of gift bags, gift wrap, ribbons, tags, tissue paper and exclusive paper bags. Choose your range based on our standard products, or have your own unique gift packaging designed in collaboration with our design department.

Spring and summer

Be inspired by the light, beautiful colours and blossoming life that represent this season. Wrap spring and summer up in flowers, colours and animal print, and don’t hold back on accessories. A luxury ribbon in silk or grosgrain will make your gift packaging look upmarket and inviting. Leap into spring with gusto.

Winter and Christmas

Make winter and Christmas gift packaging beautiful and elegant. Patterns in gold and silver create a stylish, upmarket look. Add the finishing touch to your exclusive packaging with a luxury ribbon in silk or grosgrain.

FSC® – show your customers that sustainability is important!

When using paper and wood-based packaging, we recommend investing in FSC®-certified materials. Scanlux packaging is FSC®-certified and helps ensure that the packaging has been manufactured in a responsible way by all subcontractors. Within the FSC® system, it must always be possible to trace wood material all the way back to the specific forest area in which the wood was felled, regardless of how many links in the chain there are between the forest and the store in which the product is sold in its final, processed form. Scanlux Packaging is inspected at least once a year by an independent certification company, in addition to unannounced inspection visits. The FSC® mark is your guarantee that:
  • no more wood is felled in an FSC® forest than the forest can reproduce.
  • animals and plant life are protected. Parts of FSC® forests are completely protected and areas with endangered animals and plants are protected.
  • the people who work in the forest are guaranteed education, safety equipment, a decent wage, and the right to organise in trade unions.
  • the local population benefit from the income from the forest, and local labour is used.
  • indigenous peoples are guaranteed the right to use the forest as they have done in the past, and they are involved in the management of the forest. For example, sacred areas and hunting grounds are kept free from felling activity.

What to do next

Complete the contact form below, and in collaboration with your contact person, you will assemble your very own range of gift bags, gift paper, ribbon, tags, tissue paper and high-end paper bags. Choose your range from our standard products, or have your own unique gift packaging designed in collaboration with our design department.

Want our help?

We will help create unique packaging that suits your brand. We design and make packaging with your own unique print and logo. Have a chat with one of our packaging specialists today.

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