Scanlux Packaging wins the 2019 Business Award!

This year’s recipient of Fredensborg municipality’s Business Award 2019 was a deserving winner

It was a surprised and delighted Jan Kornelius, executive director at Scanlux Packaging, who received this year’s business award at the municipality of Fredensborg’s business conference in Denmark. This year’s recipient of Fredensborg municipality’s Business Award 2019 was a deserving winner – particularly this year, when there has been a huge focus on sustainability and the UN’s global goals. 

Award 2019 Jan Kornelius
Mayor Thomas Lykke Pedersen, award winner Jan Kornelius and committee chairman Lars Søndergaard

We're proud winners of the award!

“The task of adjusting all of our production and consumption for a sustainable future is enormous. But Scanlux Packaging are helping tackle this challenge in the best possible way – and I’m proud to have such a business in our municipality”, says Thomas Lykke Pedersen, mayor of the municipality of Fredensborg.

Scanlux Packaging have a certified environmental and CSR policy – and work to actively incorporate the global goals into their entire process, from idea generation through to production, delivery and recycling. They also make sure to show their larger and smaller clients, who buy packaging for high street or online retailing, their sustainable alternatives to conventional bags and boxes.

“Scanlux Packaging are hard at work uncovering how the global goals can be used as inspiration and directions for their work with the environment, climate and CSR. This is why the company is an obvious recipient for the Business Award in the year of 2019, during which the UN’s global goals and sustainability have been in focus”, states Lars Søndergaard, chairman for Fredensborg’s citizens, labour and business committee.

Jan Kornelius accepted the award and is looking forward to surprising his employees with the good news, as they have been a decisive factor in the company making it this far: “Scanlux Packaging is focused on finding methods and concrete solutions that allow us to make our company greener and more sustainable, while simultaneously meeting high street and online retailers’ as well as consumers’ clear demands for sustainable packaging solutions."


"It’s a big task, for which we’re delighted that Fredensborg municipality has rewarded us with the Business Award.”

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Choose certified packaging

At Scanlux Packaging, we take the environment into consideration in a range of areas and consider it an integrated part of everything we do. Therefore, we always have a solution that benefits both you and the environment.

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