Gift wrap Green/Blue 2 sided


Gift wrap Green/Blue 2 sided


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Gift wrap Green/Blue 2 sided

Double-sided, ribbed kraft paper gift wrap in the loveliest green colour on one side and a deep-blue turquoise on the other. The gift wrap’s two sides give countless possibilities for creative gift wrapping.

For example, fold the paper so that a contrasting stripe emerges as a surprising element. The unique gift wrap can be used for all occasions and is suitable for interiors, women’s and men’s fashion as well as hardware.

The simple design means a wealth of possibilities when it comes to choosing gift ribbons. You can easily create a gorgeous effect with a ribbon in a pastel colour or a contrasting colour such as white, black or gold. You can also keep the ribbon in the same style/colour as the gift wrap to create a gorgeous tone-on-tone look.

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350x120x250, 55cm x 120m

Design Solid-colored,Matte,2-sided
Color Blue,Green


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