Gift wrap Eucalyptus 2 sided

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Gift wrap Eucalyptus 2 sided

67,95 61,16 - 79,95 71,96

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About the product

Gift wrap Eucalyptus 2 sided

A romantic reversible paper with beautiful eucalyptus leaf vines. Simple and beautiful on the outside, the paper is eye-catching and gives off a lot of charm. The light turquoise colour on the inside provides a nice interplay to the light hues of the eucalyptus branches.

With its powerful quality, the sustainable gift wrap is easy to use. With its simple and beautiful expression, it is suitable for all occasions where you want a luxurious touch, e.g., lingerie, clothes and for romantic wedding gifts.

A versatile paper that offers many options for choosing gift ribbons such as pastel colours or colours with more contrast like dark blue and dark green.

This beautiful gift wrap can be used all year round.

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350x120x250, 55cm x 120m

Design All year,Patterned,2-sided
Color Blue,Green,White


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