Gift wrap Curved Hosta Rose FSC®


Gift wrap Curved Hosta Rose FSC®


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About the product

Gift wrap Curved Hosta Rose FSC®

Curved Hosta is printed with thin lines of white on a fine, elegant tone of old rose pink at the base.

The gift wrap is very versatile and suitable for everything from christenings and birthday gifts to the daily wrapping in the store.

By switching between different gift ribbons, you can “steer” the gift wrap in different directions. With its organic look, it is obvious to combine the gift wrap with a natural-coloured string for a more raw and modern look.

But if you want more detail and elegance, you can use the darker shades from our silk ribbon, which gives the pink coloured paper a little counterplay.

Additional information

FSC® 100%

FSC® 100% means that the materials come from responsibly-managed FSC®-certified forests. By choosing FSC-certified products, you help to look after the world’s forests, and the people and animals that live in them.

We supply a wide range of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified packaging products. Look for the FSC logo on the certified products. Read more about our certifications here.

350x120x250, 55cm x 120m

Design All year,Matte,Patterned
Color White,Rose


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