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Personalised designs

A piece of jewellery is a personal and special gift. This should also be reflected in the packaging. We will help you make the jewellery boxes, so they turn out exactly the way you want – whether it’s edgy and masculine, or delicate and feminine.

Unique designs that highlights your brand

We can design and make jewellery boxes in every shape, colour and material imaginable. We can guarantee that the jewellery boxes will highlight your brand and match your jewellery – no matter what kind of jewellery (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms, brooches, watches, etc.) you’ll need a box or case for.

Luxury jewellery boxes

Beautiful and functional jewellery boxes

We produce elegant and functional jewellery boxes in timeless designs. Our choice of materials is based on an aesthetic and functional approach, as well as based on your needs. We can work with natural leather, imitation leather, plastic, cardboard, wood and much more.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly jewellery boxes

Sustainability and the environment form an important and integral part of everything we do. This means that we can deliver products that show consideration for the environment. We can produce jewellery boxes in FSC® and ISO 14001 certified natural materials that are processed with respect for nature, people and the environment.

Give your jewellery boxes a personal touch

If you want, we can produce your jewelry boxes with your logo and the name of your company. The logo can be printed in colour (including in gold or silver) or stamped on the box. Many customers use the jewellery boxes to store their jewelry, and, with a printed logo, the customer will be reminded of your company for many years to come.

Exclusive, high quality jewellery bags

Explore our wide range of exclusive jewellery bags in a variety of different sizes, colours and materials. Our selection includes cotton jewellery bags, paper jewellery bags, organza bags (slightly sheer fabric bags) and jewellery bags complete with a drawstring closure. You can also browse our range of jewellery boxes and gift bags.

If you have any questions or you cannot find the jewellery bag you need in our standard range, you are more than welcome to contact us. We have a team of consultants and designers with many years of experience in designing and developing jewellery bags that match our customers’ companies and strengthen their brands.

Protect jewellery from scratches, dust and dirt

A jewellery bag is the small detail that completes your beautiful packaging, and the jewellery bag simultaneously protects the jewellery from scratches, dust, dirt and moisture. To avoid scratches, only one piece of jewellery should be placed in each jewellery bag. The jewellery bags can of course be used both as packaging and for protection during transportation and storage.

Our jewellery bags can be used for big and small pieces of jewellery – rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and costume jewellery. Place the jewellery directly in the bag, or package it inside a jewellery box and place the box inside a matching bag.

Jewellery bags with logo

If you want a more personalised jewellery bag, we can produce jewellery bags with your logo or company name in colours, patterns and materials that reflect your company and match your jewellery. This gives your packaging a cohesive look and simultaneously markets your business to your customers. Have a no-obligation chat about your wants and needs with our advisers, or request a no-obligation quote here.

Organza jewellery bags

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