Turn a gift card into an extraordinary gift experience

Giving a gift card can often seem like a quick fix, and there’s a big difference between that little piece of paper or envelope and the traditional gift, colourfully wrapped with beautiful ribbon, etc.

Fortunately, however, plenty can be done about that. With the help of an elegant, quality gift card box, you will be able to jazz up your gift card and make the gift situation an extraordinary experience.

Exclusive packaging – for a top-drawer experience

We are all familiar with the sight of a classic thin, white envelope on the gift table, adorned with the recipient’s name. Even though it’s what’s inside the envelope that counts, it doesn’t have to look so dull. Try a beautiful, elegant box with a drawer for your gift card and experience for yourself how it takes the overall gift card experience to a much higher level.

A gift card drawer creates an upmarket look and gives the impression of quality, making it clear to the recipient that plenty of thought and love has gone into the gift card. You have ample opportunity to design unique gift card drawers – either with consistent, neutral tones, or more varied and lively colours. Perhaps even with an eye-catching pattern or print. As the final touch, you will also be able to complete the design with an elastic luxury ribbon or stylish gift card envelope, for example.

This is top-drawer gift card packaging – quite literally!

Custom-made gift boxes with print

We can make gift boxes in specific shapes, colours, sizes and materials that match your company and your products. If you want a more exclusive look, we can laminate the boxes with paper, plastic, velour, fabric, metal or leather and print your logo on the boxes. Contact our consultants for a no-obligation chat about your options.