Stand out from the crowd with your paper bags

Paper bags are a timeless classic, and you can achieve great brand value and awareness by playing with the standard look of your retail bags.

It’s often the small design details that count

With just a few design twists and visual elements, you can change your bag significantly – and in doing so, stand out from the crowd in a positive way. It’s often the smallest, elegant and creative details that transform the existing design and can have the greatest effect. On example could be swapping the classic handle for a colourful version to attract more attention in public. Or you can print the text “sale” on the surface of a coloured ribbon, so your bag quickly goes from a standard bag to a promotional bag.

There are no limits to the ways in which you can customise your paper bags, to create a unique look and be remembered.

Paper bags with print

We can design and manufacture paper bags in every conceivable shape, size and colour. In addition, we can make paper bags featuring your logo, useful for marketing your brand and products to your customers. Contact us for a talk about your options or get a non-obligation offer here.

Stylish and eco-friendly paper bags

An exclusive paper bag signals you’ve taken a decision to go the extra mile for the customers. Paper bags in FSC® certified paper is sold as well. The certification functions as a guarantee of the care taken to the environment and foresters involved in the production. It is an obvious choice for the company that wants a more sustainable profile. The paper bags are made of durable materials with a high breaking strength, so the bags do not break due to heavy goods. At the same time, your customers can reuse the bags, which means more visibility for your brand. The bags are supplied folded in order to occupy the least amount of space. They’re easy to pack and the fastened snap hank ensures comfortable use.
Why use paper bags?

Strengthens your brand

A paper bag is a cheap and effective method to market your business. In close cooperation with your wishes and needs, we’ll design a beautiful paper bag with logo, company name or graphics which will serve to strengthen your brand by increasing its visibility. Our paper bags are manufactured in a high and durable quality which means your customers can reuse the bag, thus ensuring increased visibility.


An exclusive bag of paper exudes style and elegance, which makes it an obvious choice for high-profile items and branding. Choose the right bag from our many different material types, sizes, and colours. Create increased visibility with details such as varnish, embossing, gold or silver. Our exclusive paper bags are available with different handles.


paper carrier bag is elegant and natural. You can, of course, also get paper carrying bags in sustainable FSC® certified paper. The FSC label is your guarantee that the environment and workers have been taken into account during the production. It is therefore the obvious choice of sourced paper if you want to give your business a more green and sustainable profile. 

Craft paper

Paper bags in craft paper are an attractive economical solution and serves as a good alternative to plastic bags and exclusive paper bags. Paper bags in craft paper can be designed exactly as you wish – both with or without graphics.

We can make the bags in small print so you can give your customers paper bags reflecting the different seasons.

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