Direct, bold and simple

The T-shirt bag is almost iconic in its genre. It can be used for everything; it’s practical, fast, and in this version, the simple but strong design signifies that the sender knows exactly what they stand for. The bag is quite simple, but stands out clearly with its bright red colour in translucent material. A single logo has a bold graphic effect on the colourful background, and the items inside can be sensed through the bag, as you want to show them off a little.

Transparent plastic bag knockout

The colorful T-shirt bag will always be popular. It attests to energy, initiative and zest for life – it helps to spread good energy and influence the shopping experience of your customers. The bag can be funky, stylish and can come in all colours. The material thickness can vary from a thinner “everyday” bag, to the more exclusive look in thicker plastic. Join the transparent trend and talk to our design team about how the T-shirt bag can get your visual identity out on the high street to your potential customers. Naturally, we also supply our T-shirt bags in environmentally-friendly materials.

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