The stylish plastic bag is a great alternative

The matte and glossy surface technique is called partial lacquer printing. The composition between matte versus glossy surfaces can be varied endlessly, making your imagination the only limit. An understated but conspicuous graphic design forms a compelling background for your logo, which stands out clearly. It is more than just a plastic bag, because the look has been worked on and the “little extra” has been added. It’s the bag that will be seen – it’s your brand about town.

The plastic bag with contrasting details

There is an abundance of opportunities to create your own design and develop your brand with this technique; the bags can be made in all sizes and colours, and can also be made of recyclable plastic. Talk to our product specialist about our environmentally-oriented solutions and together we can find the right solution for you and your brand. Bags of this type are aimed at the retail trade and are suitable for shoes, clothes, home décor, cosmetics, electronics and much more.