Two-tone luxury

It rarely gets more elegant than this. The soft silk ribbon and the gift box with a magnetic closure that closes with a soft click. It is beguiling in its quiet and strong beauty. This luxury packaging is fit for a particularly special kind of surprise, building the joy of anticipation as it is brought out, so you can enjoy the entire experience. The box itself is of a high quality, it protects the item, and will certainly be included in the owner’s collection of special boxes.

The gift box with a magnetic closure closes softly

What is your business look? Calmly elegant, or vibrant and bold? The beautiful boxes can be made in your exact colours and can look the way you want. Add your logo, perhaps in a nice gold foil or in a sharp contrasting color. Talk to our design team about the many options so we can find a solution for your needs. Today, consumers have a strong focus on the environment, and here too you can add value to your customers by choosing environmentally friendly materials for your packaging.