We won’t disappoint!

Is it a gift box, a luxury bag or a drawer? Our innovative design team has managed to develop this unique 3-in-1 packaging in environmentally-friendly kraft paper, which exudes both thoughtfulness and functionality. Its practical look is rustic, modern and alternative. Who wouldn’t enjoy pulling a surprise out of this drawer without first having to pull it out of a crackling plastic bag? Put your logo on – it can be eye-catching and shiny with a lacquer print. Or have a test subtly embossed onto the strong cardboard, for a more edgy and “street” look.

The gift box that dares to be more

You can also get the gift box in a completely different material and finish to create an alternative look. Get it in your logo colour and in a size that fits your items. You can also use a piece of beautiful tissue paper as an inlay. Talk to our design team to get the perfect look to suit your business. The 3-in-1 gift box is suitable for items that can be folded or lying flat, for example clothes, textiles, small items of home décor, and the like. Both the tape and kraft paper are made from environmentally-friendly materials.