Understated Diva

This luxury paper bag is discreet, and yet the logo cries out for attention like a diva. You can’t resist touching the embossed logo – after all, this is a bag that wants to be both seen and noticed. The minimalist look is timeless, impressive in its simplicity, and captures the sensibilities of the discerning buyer. The logo changes character when the light changes direction and makes you feel like touching it, feeling it. In a world full of signage and colour overkill, it will stand out; precisely due to its intrusively understated presence.

This luxury paper bag creates value

If you are a darling, a diva, or just a fan of simplicity, then an embossed logo or graphic design on an upmarket kraft paper bag or box is the perfect choice. It’s made from a durable material and features a simple design, making it a natural choice for the buyer to use again and again. An added benefit is its effective brand exposure for your business. If you want a bolder look, the embossing can be glossy transparent, or with metal foil. Consumers today have a strong focus on the environment, and here too you can create value for your customers by choosing our environmentally-friendly materials for your packaging. Contact our product specialist to learn more about our environmentally responsible FSC®-certified packaging.