Understated presence

This type of gift box requires no additional wrapping. A distinctive letter from the company logo is used as a graphic element and appears more as an ornament than a brand. It’s understated. And yet, you are in no doubt as to who the sender is. The graphics are brought to life as they play in the light.

The gift box presents the item

Get a beautiful version of the classic gift box, which can be totally unique. Add one of our luxury ribbons or have your very own made. This gives the customer that little extra luxury and testifies to a business that delivers unconditional quality and customer service. The imagination’s the limit when it comes to working on a matt/glossy surface. The technique is called partial varnish, and it can be made with a transparent varnish for a subtle effect, or with a contrasting colour for a bolder look. Have the box made from environmentally-friendly material, so you can present yourself as both beautiful and green at the same time!

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