Cool and casual with a woven effect

This super simple woven gift bag exudes the current trend for basic design; it’s simple, it’s raw, it’s “Street”. Have your logo, a statement, or a unique graphic design printed on the bag for maximum brand identity exposure. It speaks to younger audiences, and is certain to be reused by creative cosmopolites.

The gift bag with an environmentally-friendly attitude

The material is woven in a durable plastic material, and is also available in recycled plastic. If your business is hot on the heels of new trends and oozes street cred, then this untraditional bag is the one for you. Warning! You can expect this bag to be reused and remain on the scene for a long time after it leaves your store. It might become a rain hat, a shoulder bag, protective sleeves or other as-yet-unknown projects – the mind’s the limit!