The printed bag!

Is there anything more quintessential than the brown paper bag? It has been used for everything from carrier bags to wrapping paper, costumes and paper maché. The bag has even been exhibited at the Modern Museum of Art in New York. The classic brown paper bag has almost 150 years behind it, and still retains its style.

The old paper bag is always new

Get your logo on the bag. The brown paper bag is the perfect advertising space for graphics, viewpoints, guides, campaigns and much, much more. Use it creatively. Make it fun and inviting. It has a relaxed and modern look despite its advanced age, so it will never go out of fashion. The brown paper bag is a classic that is loved, used and re-used. At Scanlux Packaging, we take responsibility for the environment, and all our packaging can be made from environmentally-friendly materials. If you would like to know more about the right solution for you, you can ask to be contacted by one of our packaging specialists.

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