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Use your own packaging to market your brand, your values, and your visual profile. By considering your packaging design carefully and creating a strong concept, you strengthen your brand image and ensure recognition in your clients.

Our designers and packaging specialists are always working on being fully up to date with the latest knowledge, trends and technological possibilities – both in terms of material and in the development of production and innovative designs.

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Do you want to impress and pamper your customers with a unique gift bag? Our velvet gift bag might be for you.
Turn a gift card into an extraordinary gift experience
Add pattern and colour to your shipping bag
Complete the customer experience with branded packaging
Stand out from the crowd with your paper bagsDaniel Paper bag
Trendy non-woven bags – with the joy of reusing
The gift bag: The easy, fast, and elegant solution
Grab your shopping bag – in the most beautiful way
Use wrapping paper for branding
Think creatively – and out of the (shipping) box
Cool and casual with a woven effectWoven pose
Giftbag with embossed logoGavepose med præget logo
Put The Message On The Plastic Bagbudskab_på_plastikpose
Luxury Plastic Bag With HandleLuksus plastikpose
Product Bag With Hanger And ZipperProduktpose med bøjle og lynlås
Luxury Gift Box With Magnetic ClosureLuksusæske_med_magnetlukning
Gift Box with Logo In GoldGavæske med guld logo
Innovative 3-in-1 Gift BoxInnovativ gaveæske
Luxury Gift Bag With Snap ButtonLuksuspose-med-trykknaplukning
Plastic Bag With Partial Laquered PrintPose med partiel laktryk
Jewellery Box With Visible StitchesSmykkeæske med stikninger
Semi Transparent Plastic Bag In Bold ColoursHalvtransparent plastpose i klare farver
Gift Box With Laquer LogoGaveæske med Lak logo
The Gift Bag As A Hand BagGaveposen som håndtaske

Having trouble deciding on the look of your design?

There are plenty of options to choose from, so we have picked a selection of our designs to inspire you. Some are flashy, some are discrete and some are quirky. Maybe you’ll get some good ideas yourself!

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