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Wine Packaging 


Elegant wine boxes

We have a wide selection of elegant wine cartons at attractive wholesale prices. Our assortment feature a basic set of smooth-surface wine cartons and an exclusive series of rifled and matte surfaces – both for cartons holding 1 to 6 wine bottles. Available in colours like black, white, nature, bordeaux, and black with grape motifs. The black, smooth, wine cartons are also available for magnum bottles. The wine cartons are manufactured in durable single-layer corrugated cardboard, which not only has an elegant and classic look, but also protects the bottles from scratches, impacts and shocks. The wine cartons have a punch in the front that makes it possible to see the bottles of the wine bottles. The cartons are supplied folded, but they can be easily folded out for quick use.

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Wine boxes for 1-6 wine bottles and magnum bottles

Our wine boxes suit all standard bottle sizes. In other words, they can be used for most bordeaux, burgundy, rhone and champagne bottles. The boxes can also be used for other wine-like bottles, including spirits bottles, juice bottles and large beer bottles.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need help with selecting wine carton. We can help you find a wine box that not only fits perfectly with your wine bottles, but also has the right expression that supports your business and brand. We look forward to helping you further.

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Custom made wine boxes with logo

If you have special wishes and needs, we can customise our wine cartons exactly according to your specifications and instructions. We can produce wine cartons in the colors, shapes and sizes of the world. For larger quantities, you also have the option of having other types of prints or embossments of, for example, your logo on the wine cartons. Contact us and get a dialogue about your options or get a non-binding offer here.

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