Packaging boxes in solid and durable corrugated board

Packaging boxes in solid and durable corrugated board We have a wide range of stylish Packaging boxes at competitive prices. Our range includes packaging boxes for wine, suitcase and square in different colors. The packaging boxes are made of solid and durable corrugated board that protects and presents your products in the best possible way. If you need packaging boxes in other shapes, colours and sizes than those in our regular range, please feel free to contact us. We can make packaging boxes in almost any materials, shapes, colors and sizes – with or without logo print. See our selection of wine cartons, gift boxes, gift ribbons and gift wrapping accessories.

Logo print

Packaging boxes with name and logo


Different types of packaging boxes

A selection of our packaging boxes and gift trays

Custom-made packaging boxes

We can custom make packaging boxes for almost all conceivable materials, shapes, colours and sizes, with or without logo print.  We can also laminate the packaging boxes with, paper, plastic, fabric, metal or leather if there’s a desire for a a more exclusive look. Contact us and get a no-obligation talk about your option with us.

Gift box with your expression

Tailored to your brand

Gift box with logo print

Give the gift box personality with your company logo

Packaging Boxes for all kinds of gifts

Our traditional square boxes with lid are relatively large and are therefore especially suitable for larger gifts such as clothes, shoes, handicrafts, food items, beverages and gift baskets with delicacies of any kind. At the more exclusive end, we have a suitcase box made of black corrugated cardboard. Our elegant boxes for wine are made in black or checked high gloss paper, with a smartly mounted magnetic closing mechanism.


Different accessories from our selection

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