Comprehensive branding

Tissue paper is an extra little luxury you can add to your gift packaging. The sense of anticipation brought about by the sound of the blissful crackle helps enhance the experience. It‘s also an opportunity to once again remind your customers where the item comes from. Tissue paper with logo printing is branding right down to the last detail, and it tells your customers that customer service is a high priority.

Design your own tissue paper

You can have your tissue paper specially designed with your logo or graphics, for example. Consider whether you would like to give customers a little extra Christmas spirit to take home, and have your own tissue paper designed in a Christmas theme. Or have tissue paper designed to celebrate another holiday. The design of your tissue paper can be determined by the season, an anniversary, or another special occasion. The possibilities are endless, as are the colour choices and styles. Many of our customers choose to have their packaging made from our environmentally-friendly materials. Our designers and packaging specialists are ready to help guide you.
Image of: Tape Cellulose