Gift bags ensure wrapping in no time

A quick gift wrap can be both easy to do AND beautiful. Rather than offering gift wrapping paper, gift bags can be an extremely time-saving solution.

Gift bags are distinguished by being easy and quick to unfold – and require no bending, folding or extra tape. 

But how long does it really take to wrap a gift? We have been curious and have done our very own (unscientific) study to examine the time efficiency of wrapping with gift paper, gift boxes and gift bags respectively. And we can well reveal that there are decisive seconds – even minutes to the difference.

Gift wrap, gift boxes and gift bags - which comes first?

We set out to find out how you can get your customers through the queue a little faster when you also want to wrap your products beautifully. 

In the study, time was taken to determine how quickly the same book could be wrapped with the three respective wrapping solutions (first with a ribbon and then without). And there was no doubt: The undisputed winner was the gift bag, followed by the gift box and finally the gift wrap. It takes an employee three minutes and 49 seconds to wrap a gift with wrapping paper and ribbon.

In comparison, it only takes one minute and 25 seconds to wrap the same gift with a gift bag and ribbon. So a time saving of a whopping 73%. And without a ribbon, the employee could complete the wrapping in just 31 seconds.

In short: You can save valuable seconds and maybe even minutes choosing the right packaging.


You can see the results of our unscientific survey in the table below. And the numbers speak for themselves.


Put it in the bag

The fastest way to beautiful packaging.

It is a question of the good customer experience

When you use gift bags for your wrapping, it can often provide an improved shopping experience, as the waiting time in the queue will not be as long as with ordinary wrapping.  It is an easy and quick solution that has a positive effect on the overall shopping and customer experience.

The gift bag also gives you the opportunity to customise a unique design statement with your brand. 


You can also choose one of our gift bags from our basic range and style it with lovely ribbons, gift tags etc.

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Design your own gift bag

If you need a smaller batch of gift bags with your own design, we can offer fast delivery of a small selection of gift bags. We have gift bags in white, natural and several beautiful pastel colours.


Look for the Do-It-Yourself label on our website.

Here's how you can "Do-It-Yourself"
Gift bags-dust-mixed
Gift bag Frame
Gift bag Dust Green

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