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Yrityksemme historia – Skandinaviaa kauemmas

Yrityksemme historia – Skandinaviaa kauemmas

Today, Scanlux Packaging is one of the largest retail packaging companies in Scandinavia. We produce wrapping paper and gift bags for many well-known stores such as Magasin, BR and Matas, as well as Swedish top fashion brands such as Björn Borg, Filippa K, Acne Studios and Peak Performance.

In 2016, Scanlux Packaging received FSC® and ISO 14001 certificates. We can provide modern durable packaging materials while constantly looking for better solutions for the environment and society. As a leading retail packaging company, we believe that we must fight against global warming and the pollution of the oceans and improve working conditions. Our FSC® certified products guarantee that their production does not involve the use of forest fires, forced labor or child labor, or cause soil or water pollution.

Jan Kornelius was only 19 years of age when he founded Scanlux Packaging with one of his business partners. The business started in a small apartment from the idea of ​​two ambitious young men. Their passion was retail packaging.

”I think we were the first Danish packaging company to offer luxury retail packaging at a reasonable price. We started overseas production in the early 1990s to meet demand. We launched our online store in 2002 and a digital subscription system to make it easy to order products online. At that time, it was the industry’s innovative business model. Many of our customers also expanded their store chains so we built a larger inventory in 2006 to provide them with storage space. We started storing packaging materials for our customers in our own warehouse to allow the staff to order directly from the web. We just provided the required number for each issue. ”

Jan Kornelius explains how the company has grown over the past 30 years.

The reason why our company is called Scanlux is that when we started we saw business potential in all other Nordic countries, Jan Kornelius remembers.

Scanlux Packaging has now expanded beyond the Scandinavian borders. We supply our products to UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Finland and France. On September 2018, the company’s website has been updated to seven different languages.

Thirty years after Scanlux Packaging was established in the north of Copenhagen, a new chapter in its history has just begun.

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