Hangers and suit bags

Our clothes hangers are made from hard-wearing wood and can be purchased in either black or pale wood. The indentation on the hangers ensures easy and secure placement of clothing on the hanger, and we also sell a black hanger with rubber grooves with the same purpose. The latter comes with a trouser bar, so that the hanger can be used for both trousers and complete sets of clothing.

Suit bags and alternative hangers

As well as regular clothes hangers, there are also clip hangers, which are great for smaller items of clothing, boots, etc. The clip hangers’ small size makes them easy to hang up other places than a regular clothing rail – hooks and door handles come into play as potential hanging locations.

With a suit bag – also known as a garment bag – in a durable material, you can ensure maximum protection of clothing from dust, dirt and smells, and the bag also allows the customer to get their clothing home safely. The suit bag is easy to zip and can be used for both individual items of clothing or entire outfits. It is of course possible to use the suit bag with hangers from our standard range.

Clothing accessories with logo and print

Hangers and suit bags printed with your logo ensure a strong, personalised impression and help to create a special relationship with the customer. For this reason, it is important that it is done properly. Our consultants and designers at BRANDLAB will help you to tailor your unique design, so it goes perfectly with the product you have in mind.

You can click here to request a no-obligation quote and enquire about alternative combinations of e.g. colours, indentations and trouser bars on the hangers. You can also find out about the option to produce hangers, suit bags and similar accessories that are not part of our standard range. If you have any questions, we are here.

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