Curling ribbon and silk ribbon in every colour imaginable

We have over 100 different curling ribbons and silk ribbons in a wide variety of colours, patterns, materials, lengths and widths. Our range includes coloured ribbon, patterned ribbon, metallic ribbon, silk ribbon and elastic ribbon. View our whole range here, or narrow your search with the help of the filters in the menu.

If you are unsure which gift wrapping ribbon is right for you, or if our standard range does not meet your needs, you are more than welcome to contact us. Our advisers are ready to help you find the perfect gift wrapping ribbon for your company. You can also browse our wide selection of wrapping paper and our gift wrapping accessories.

Cheap ribbon for gift wrapping and decoration

Our curling ribbons and silk ribbons are manufactured from a durable material with a high tensile strength, making them suitable for wrapping and decorating all types of gifts. The curling ribbon is easy to curl but can of course also be used for bows. Silk and fabric ribbons are often used for bows. Please note that our tough lacquered ribbon cannot be split using a ribbon splitter, and that metallic ribbon is not suitable for splitting either.

Our gift ribbons come in every colour and pattern imaginable, so you can find a colour combination that reflects your company perfectly. We have ribbons for all occasions (Christmas, Easter, weddings, birthdays, etc.) and seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter). Our gift ribbons are delivered in economical rolls with up to 250 metres of ribbon per roll, so you are guaranteed the best possible purchase price.

Gift ribbon with name and logo

By working together with you we can design and develop a unique curling or silk ribbon that matches your company and your products. This presents a great opportunity to create more personalised packaging that highlights your company. We can produce gift ribbon in every colour and material imaginable, with or without a print of e.g. your company name – also in small batches. Contact us to hear more, or request a no-obligation quote here.

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