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E-commerce packaging for your webshop

Boost your brand: Go for environmentally-friendly materials and innovative design

When we shop online, expectations for fast and flexible service are sky high. We expect webshops to be an extension of the physical store and, in line with global climate challenges, environmentally-friendly packaging is also in focus.

If you want sustainable, exclusive, innovative delivery packaging and wrapping, there is plenty of inspiration to be found in our new catalogue. Give your customers an experience to remember when they shop with you online. This strengthens both your brand and your customers’ loyalty.

Classic cardboard box

The classic cardboard box is a sure winner. It protects goods and is available in countless sizes. But there are also many other possibilities for the well-known brown cardboard box. Think of it in a new way. For example, play with logos and graphics on the outside of the box, or let a colour pop out when the box is opened. Surprise your customer!

Delivery bags

The delivery bag is essential to almost every webshop. It is quick to pack, and is durable and waterproof. Use double adhesive strips to make it easy for the customer to return the item. If you want to do something good for the environment, the delivery bag is available in recycled plastic, and you can of course design it to suit your brand.

Give your customer a little extra

Surprise your customer with a little extra attention. Put shoes in a nice shoe bag with your logo on it, or put clothing in a lovely bag or a little rucksack that can be reused. This has both functional and brand value. Talk to our packaging specialists about what is right for your store.

When you are on a budget

A sticker is a quick and affordable solution. Create your own design and use the sticker as an eye-catching feature on your standard packaging. They can seal, decorate and inform. Use them on bags and boxes too. They can be practical, attractive, and an alternative way to create a unique and effective design.

Shipping bags made from environmentally-friendly material

Customers are focused on environmentally-friendly solutions, including when it comes to packaging. Get the classic brown delivery bag made from recycled paper featuring your own design, or use delivery bags in the new revolutionary Paptic® paper material; an environmentally friendly material made from paper, but with plastic-like properties.

Delivery boxes that surprise the customer

The practical delivery box is made of strong material that provides extra protection for goods. Use the inside as an advertising space, for information or simply for fun, and provide the impression that every detail has been well thought through and that the customer is the centre of attention.

Want our help?

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