Communicate your webshop’s green initiatives

Your customers want your webshop to be green.

A new study carried out by the firm Bring, in collaboration with the analysis company IPSOS, has established that a webshop being environmentally friendly is of importance to consumers. This applies to more than 30% of consumers under the age of 40. The study took place within the Nordic market, where more than 3,000 people from Norway, Sweden and Denmark participated, respectively.

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Poor information leads to loss of customers

Of the respondents, 39% of women and 38% of men expected that a webshop would inform them about the work they do regarding sustainability and the environment. Ultimately, however, only 9% of women and 11% of men felt that they had been informed about such issues.

The fact that the company behind a particular webshop does not advertise the ways in which they prioritise sustainability and the environment, does not necessarily mean that they don’t take an interest in these matters. However, if customers’ expectations regarding environmental issues are not met, this can have consequences.

For instance, 14% of women and 17% of men have made a conscious choice about which online stores to shop from based on environmental considerations.

Therefore, if you don’t want to risk losing your customers to a more forward-thinking competitor, it is very important to inform them about your green initiatives.


Establish a clear position in the market

The study shows that customers have difficulty remembering whether or not online stores have informed them about their green initiatives. This means that from the customers’ point of view, there is often no green alternative available to them when shopping.

In many cases, the position as a leading green online store thus remains unoccupied. Therefore, if you are able to emphasize and convince customers of the fact that you have a eco-friendly profile, you can establish a clear position as a green webshop and draw customers from your competitors.

When implementing your green strategy, it is better to start small than to do nothing at all. Those who are quickest to tell consumers about their new green initiatives are able to achieve a level of positive attention that those who implement the same strategy slightly later won’t have the benefit of.

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Green initiatives customers look out for

When customers decide to shop with a given online store, they look at the entire value chain. Therefore, you have to inform them about all of your green initiatives through your webshop, and can do the same through social media and newsletters.

The decision to inform customers about the environmentally friendly choices you have made in the production of your product is an obvious one. The quality and, with this, durability of your product also plays a significant role from an environmental perspective. However, in many cases, your product may be sold and distributed through other suppliers, in which case it is important to differentiate yourself using other criteria.

You can cut your COemissions by choosing the right method of transporting your products from your webshop to your customers, just as packaging also plays a vital role for many customers.
For example, are the products packaged in FSC® labelled paper, proving that the forests it originates from are not subjected to illegal logging practices and that the local forest workers have been ensured proper working conditions?

At many online stores, customers have difficulty filtering products based on criteria relating to sustainability, so make it easy for the customer to choose the sustainable products in your selection. It is important to make customers feel that by shopping with you, they are contributing to a better environment.


By doing something good for the environment, and making sure your customers know about it, the environment and the customers will in turn do something good for you and your online store.


Bring rapport 2019 (in Danish): 
Scanlux Packaging – Why choose FSC®-certified packaging?: [Scanlux Packaging is FSC® certified with license code FSC-C126290]

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