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Christmas Packaging and Gift Wrap for Your Store

Christmas Gift Wrapping & Packaging 2021


Enhance your brand value with eye-catching Christmas packaging and wrapping

Christmas packaging presents a unique opportunity to make a good impression on the customers during the busy days leading up to Christmas. The brand value that the right Christmas wrapping can create is immense.

Combine gift boxes, ribbons, and paper when packing this season’s gifts. This is assured to achieve spectacular effects. You can choose between many different paper and carton types, design and multicoloured print.

Beautiful packaging is a feast for the eyes

Tags & bows

The finishing touch

Luxurious ribbons

When only the best will do

Gift bags

With our gift bags, you’re ensured to save time when packing gifts without compromising on quality. The gift bags are made from durable materials with high tensile strength. The gift is protected in its travels from your store to the customer’s Christmas tree. The bags are easy to use; just close them using the attached locking mechanism. It’s a form of packaging that will save time and thereby cost in the store.

Enviromental-certified packaging

Responsible & unique

Gift boxes wholesale for this Christmas

Gift boxes are the ideal packaging

With the stress that comes with a high volume of customers during the Christmas season, gift boxes are the ideal packaging solution. They are quick to use, exuding elegance and will keep its shape.

If wanting an exclusive look for your gift boxes, take a look at our sturdy gift boxes with magnet fastener, which is available in both black and white.

Pick the size, colour, and material that suit your needs, or get your own customised gift box. We are always ready to help with choosing the right gift box for your store.

Beautiful gift boxes

100% customised

Gift boxes

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Tissue paper

Make the Christmas packaging exclusive and crisp

We have a wide selection of tissue paper in a wide variety of colours, patterns, stribes and print. Pick singular colours or combine multiple colours to create your own expression that matches your company and products. See our selection of Christmas tissue paper.

The exclusive tissue paper is a versatile packaging product. Also during the Christmas season where it can be used for the wrapping of jewellery, accessories and underwear. Tissue paper can also be used as lining in gift boxes, filler in product boxes, or for wrapping gifts instead of regular wrapping paper.

Tissue paper

Many designs

Tissue paper especially suited for Christmas

Get in the spirit

Selected tissue paper

Cellophane bags

100% exclusive

Cellophane rolls

100% elegant

Wine packaging

Large selection

Customised wine packaging

Unique to your brand

Want our help?

We will help create unique packaging that suits your brand.
We design and make packaging with your own unique print and logo.

Have a chat with one of our packaging specialists today.

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