Unboxing – from trend to must-have: Is your packaging worth an unboxing?

April 29th, 2020|Categories: E-commerce, Trends|

The unboxing trend has taken the world by storm. Ordinary consumers are unwrapping gifts and packaging for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Product reviews on social media are also known as the internet’s word-of-mouth method. Unboxing has now become commonplace, which is of significance for many brands. A Chanel paper bag and two packaged gift boxes are on the floor waiting to be unwrapped. A woman’s hand, with lovely burgundy-coloured nails, elegantly opens the packages one by one. Even though this is a 5-minute long, home-edited video, the quality is great. It sounds soft when the paper is opened. The woman is opening gifts that she has just bought. The comment thread speaks volumes, with plenty of praise and recognition for the lovely products. This is a consumer “unboxing” product review and is an increasingly important part of marketing.