Non-woven carrier bags for your business

The non-woven bag is one of the current trendy carrier and retail bags. The material provides many benefits you, your brand, and your customers.
These fabric bags are high-quality and ideal to reuse. With your customers using your carrier bag again and again, the likelihood of your bags being seen more often on the street and within social circles increases. At the same time, the bag’s material is more environmentally-friendly than that of other types of fabric bags.

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What is non-woven?

Non-woven is a cheap and durable fibre material that is both water repellent and breathable. It is made of polypropylene (PP), which is one of the most widely used types of plastic available. The polypropylene is formed into fibres that give the non-woven bags a textile appearance. Non woven can be designed as both carrier bags and tote bags.

Non-woven can be completely or partially produced from sugarcane – also called green polypropylene; or, from recycled plastic.

Compared to other types of fabric bags, such as cotton bags for example, non-woven bags are significantly cheaper and more environmentally-friendly to produce.

Great capacity and functionality

Carrying capacity and quality are fully comparable to other common carrier bags on the market. Non-woven retains both its colour and shape for a long time, which makes it especially suitable to reuse over and over again.

Lamination of non-woven provides many options

Non-woven carrier bags and tote bags are available with different kinds of lamination. These could be matte or shiny lamination (OPP), or an internal lamination to enhance the rigidity of the material.

Non-woven with a customized print

Non-woven provides a number of options for displaying your unique print which cannot be achieved with other kinds of material. Shape and colour are long-lasting with non-woven, effectively combining economy and exclusivity.

Logo-printed non-woven carrier and tote bags therefore provide an excellent opportunity to give your brand an exclusive look. We print with water-based dyes to ensure you the most responsible solution. You should choose non-woven if you want to treat your customers to a quality material which is also practical.

We have specialist knowledge and many years’ experience in creating designs to best support your business. Contact us so that we can talks about your wants and requirements, or you can request a non-binding quote here.

Non-woven has signal value

Re-use and recycling are currently major trends. Non-woven equals high-quality and durability, meaning that it can withstand multiple uses without losing its shape or colour.

A short or long handle?

Consider whether your non-woven bags should have a short or long handle. Some consumers prefer short handles for when they are on the move, while others go for long handles so the bag can be used as a shoulder bag. Both options are suitable for retail, conferences, events and fairs.

Delivery times on printed non-woven

The delivery time is dependent on where in the world we manufacture. Longer distances usually mean longer delivery times. Non-woven carrier bags and tote bags are mostly manufactured and printed at our production sites in Europe, or at a trusted factory in Asia. Talk to us, and we will find the solution to match your needs.

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