Shoulder bags, cooler bags, sports bags…

These bags represent a trendy, exclusive alternative to carrier bags. They give the customer a more exclusive shopping experience and can even be sold as an independent item. Choose between a wide selection of bags – e.g. a standard handbag, a shoulder bag, or a rucksack. We can custom-make bags to suit your particular needs.

Non-Woven bags


The correct term is ’non-woven polypropylene (PP) 100% spun bond’. In fact, this is just another word for ‘non-woven textile’. Non-woven materials represent a viable alternative to plastic. Bags made of non-woven materials are recyclable to minimise the waste. In addition, non-woven materials are water-resistant, breathable, heat-resistant and allergy-friendly. We offer both non-woven bags as well as carrier bags.

Bags featuring your logo or graphics