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We have a wide range of carrier bags, as well as ordinary bags in all colors, shapes, patterns, qualities, and sizes. Discover our range above, or narrow your search using the filters in the menu.

Please note that many of the carrying bags are available in varying sizes, and the measurements indicate the length, width, height, and bottom in centimeters. The statutory environmental tax is of course included in the price of the carrier bags.

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Printed carrier bags can help your branding

The carrier bag says more about your business than what you might think. A cheap solution signals discount, whereas a slightly more expensive carrier bag with print or name radiates quality. It’s about choosing a plastic bag that has the right strength, shape, and size and at the same time fits your brand. At Scanlux Packaging you can choose from a wide selection of plastic bags, plastic bags and carry bags with pressure. We can also produce environmentally friendly plastic bags in for example, recycled film or potato starch and biodegradable plastic bags that decompose by themselves.

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The quality and design of plastic bags is crucial. Not only for the perception of your business but also for the durability and applicability of the bags in relation to the products being placed in the bags. Therefore, it’s important you carefully consider what the bags should be used for. Our range includes everything from big and sturdy plastic bags, you’ll know from retail, to small crackling plastic bags you’ll know from the greenhouse.

Customised carrier bags

We can customise carrier bags to fit your needs. We can make all sizes, shapes, colours, and the material of the bags according to your wishes. We can also produce the carrier bags with print, logo, name, and graphics according to your wishes. Contact us for a non-obligation chat about your options, or get a non-obligation offer here.

Do you need help? Contact our customer service if you need guidance in choosing the right plastic or paper bags. Our consultants are ready to help you find the right plastic or paper bag in the desired quality, and design, that’ll brand your business in the proper way. We look forward to helping you.

Shoulder, cooler, and sports bags

These bags are a chic and exclusive alternative. They enhance the customer experience, and can even be sold as an independent product. We have a wide range of bags to choose from. Ordinary handbags, shoulder bags, or backpacks are all examples of this wide selection. You can make the bags exactly as you wish with many different qualities – both with and without print.

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